South-Bali: The Endless Summer

Tanjung Benoa, Bali. 17-19 December.

It’s mid-December and we’ve been in summer for the past six months. I expected Bali to be rainy this time of year, but on the south coast the weather is simply magnificent, too hot if anything.

We spend three days in Tanjung Benoa reading in the shade of the hotel’s garden, lounging by the pool, and bumming on the beach. In fact, between driving around on the open roads and considerable amounts of sunbathing, my tan got a tan. Life here is good.

With warm water year-round, world-class waves and accommodating infrastructure, Bali is perfect for surfing. In the 1930’s, American Bob Koke was the first surfer in Indonesia at Kuta Beach. Decades later, the first professional surf competition, the Om Bali Pro, was held in 1980, but what really accellerated the popularity of Bali as a surfing destination was the 1972 film Morning of the Earth. It has turned Uluwatu into one of the most famous surfing spots in the world.

Green Bowl, Nyang Nyang, Padang Padang, Bingin, Dreamland and Balangan Beach are some of the world-renowned surfing spots in the Uluwatu area. We visit Balangan for its smaller crowds, white sandy beach and dramatic rocky hills. The warm water is as clear as can be and we sit back and relax while the locals showcase their awesome skills on a board. At the far side of the beach is a perfect secluded cove.

This sums up our time in South-Bali; extremely relaxing and pretty uneventful, except perhaps for one strange occurrence: a monkey taking a shit in our semi-open bathroom at the hotel. One more monkey profanity to add to our ever-growing list of incidents. Let’s hope it’s no bad sign of things to come when we visit the Orang-Utans in North-Sumatra next!

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