The life aquatic (without Steve Zissou)

Samboan, Cebu, 25 November

The town of Samboan is only 45 minutes away from Oslob by bus. Our hotel is a few kilometres out of town, but the good thing about rural buses in the Philippines is that they always drop you off exactly where you need to be. Eden, the owner of Carolina del Mar, comes out to greet us and has even practiced our names. We feel at home already! Her place on the coast of the Visayan Sea is a little piece of paradise.

As we’re only spending the one night here on our way to Moalboal, the plan is to relax and go for a swim in the clear blue waters. What we didn’t know is that Samboan is great for snorkeling too: there’s loads of (live) coral and even recent sightings of a giant turtle. No need to tell us twice! Since missing out on it in Sri Lanka, the giant turtle has been our unicorn, the one that got away, so before our bags hit the ground we’re already in the water!

As it turns out, today again is not the day we’re swimming with a turtle, but we still have the best afternoon exploring the wonderful coral reef.

Not being a regular Steve Zissou (or even a Ned for that matter), I haven’t a clue about the type of fish I’m seeing, but they’re pretty colourful, plus I find one more type of star fish to add to my now growing collection (of photos I mean, before you get any ideas).

At the end of a relaxing day, while sipping a cold beer on the patio, we both wish we could stay here a bit longer, but our flight to Palawan Island is coming up soon. First we’re heading north to Moalboal to swim with the sardines.


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