Sri Lanka: The verdict

Negombo, 29 August

Time spent: 29 days. Places visited: 14. Distance covered on land: approx. 1300km.

We’ve arrived at our final hotel in Sri Lanka, conveniently close to the airport to catch our flight to India at 9.00 AM tomorrow, and thought it would be nice to summarize our first month away for you.

As we’re from Scotland where else to start than with the price of a pint! We’ve had two different Sri Lankan beers: Lion and Three Coins. They’re both lagers from the same brewery and are priced the same. Three Coins is the better tasting one, but most places only have Lion aka the “best beer in Sri Lanka”. A bottle (625ml) is sold for as little as 80p in shops, and between £1.40-2.80 in restaurants. Then there’s Lion Strong, 8.8% ABV, which gets you drunk pretty quick (can’t remember the price, just the hangover). So much for the important stuff.

Now here’s the final scores as awarded by Lauren.

The people score 8/10. Very friendly and helpful, but a couple creeps let the team down here, preventing a perfect score. On the other hand, we’ve never been greeted as much by strangers on the streets as we have here. Very nice people.

The food scores 7/10. It’s been fragrant and not too spicy (except for the breakfast pastries which are little tiny balls of fire), but not very diverse. It’s curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Personal favourites are curried potatoes, savoury onions doughnuts and the pumpkin curry. Plus we’ve had kottu, which is actually amazing and cheese roti. After a few mediocre curries you can really do with a change.

The transport scores 9/10. The buses get top marks, they’ve been frequent, quick, and never dull. The trains are the dissonant here: slow, late and crowded.

In short, Sri Lanka earns itself the official Lauren’s certificate of excellence. Well deserved, Sri Lanka!


One thought on “Sri Lanka: The verdict

  1. Really enjoyed your résumé Lauren. Sri Lanka certainly lived up to your expectations.
    Hopefully India will too.
    Look forward to hearing about it. More curry though I expect!
    Lots love to both


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