Chillin’ in Trinco

Trincomalee, 20-24 August

The bus from Habarana takes us straight to the east coast beaches of Trincomalee for five days of doing absolutely nothing but eating, drinking, swimming and relaxing. Every bus seems to have its own little theme going. Some play loud music videos, some are dressed up like a religious shrine, and this one’s showing a Bollywood action movie! Pretty much your typical moustache-sporting cop fights everyone situation and the action scenes are an awesome mixture of obscure kung fu and Hollywood blockbuster. Suffice to say we’re at the beach before we know it, ready to kick some ass!

Our first stop here is Nilaveli beach. We’re staying just 100m from a mostly empty stretch of golden sand and instantly ease into the island mentality. Sure, you may get served an hour after ordering food even though you’re the only customer, but it’s all good see, we are here to relax! I think the most excitement we have in two days is when a cow gets into the garden because I forget to lock the gate and I have to chase it away because it’s eating the plants.

On the 22nd we make our way slightly more back to Trincomalee town where the scene is a bit more lively. We stay near Uppuveli beach, the hotel also has air conditioning which is an actual godsend since it’s 35 degrees outside! We start off our mornings with real coffee at the cafe around the corner, where we run into a fellow traveller we’ve met before in Mirissa. Our days are spent playing around in the Indian Ocean and sunbathing, such a hard life right? Lauren gets mauled by a wave and has a bruised shoulder. We tan (me) and burn (Lauren) in the sun, and even manage to slip in a bit of sightseeing at the local Fort Fredrick.

Overlooking the Dutch Bay, the Fort was originally built by the Portuguese from the debris of the famous ancient Hindu Koneswaram temple they wrecked. Today there isn’t a whole lot left of the old battlements (no wonder after all the attacks they’ve endured, see plaque above), but there’s loads of deer, and on the rock behind the Fort at least a new Hindu temple was constructed.

After Trinco we’re fully recharged and excited for our final five days of Sri Lanka. Tomorrow we’re travelling on to the ancient city of Anuradhapura!


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