We’re in Sri Lanka!

Colombo, 1 August

So after a 27 hour journey we arrive at our first major destination, Negombo airport in Sri Lanka.

Immediately it feels like walking into a sauna, it’s 30 degrees Celcius and pretty humid. Thankfully we know there is an airconditioned bus waiting to take us straight to the capital city Colombo.

Pettah central bus station is very intense to say the least; lorries, cars, buses, tuktuks and scooters come flying out from every direction and it feels like we’re risking our lives trying to get away from the chaos and flag down a tuktuk to get to the hotel.

The drive is about equally intense. There’s no such thing as staying in your own lane on the roads in Sri Lanka, and everyone drives formula one!

We meet the owner Aniq and his mother, who give us some excellent inside information on local culture and seem impressed to hear our itinerary for the 30 days we’ll be spending here, off to a great start!

We’re staying in an area called Cinnamon Garden, where most of the foreign embassies are at. Since the Easter bombings there’s loads of armed guards about, but it feels safe and everyone seems happy to see tourists.

With Sri Lanka being a former British colony we visit the local Victoria Park (one of many Victoria parks we’ll no doubt see on our journey)

One thought on “We’re in Sri Lanka!

  1. Looks like your having many memories for the future. Enjoy and we will enjoy reading about your adventures


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